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We are your source for fast, professional and convenient repair of broken or problematic iPhone devices. Normally, Apple would probably just force you into buying a newer device, but we have found the best quality replacement screens on the market and can have our technicians install them within a few hours – on the spot.  Cracked or unresponsive iPhone screens, to smaller hardware issues like home or power buttons we can fix almost all of it and keep your device working longer than it usually would. We take pride in 100% upfront pricing, competitive rates and awesome service. Don’t risk taking your iPhone to random shops that don’t have established quality guidelines or a track record of awesome customer reviews, call us first!

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Let’s get your phone fixed today!


Getting your iPhone repaired should be easy, and we make the whole process effortless. . Bring your iPhone into our Virignia Beach shop and we’ll get you back up and running without the runaround or any surprise prices that break the bank. We have a healthy stock of parts for all iPhone’s ranging from the original iPhone 4 all the way to the new (and super expensive) 6 Plus. Doesn’t matter how horribly you’ve treated your beloved iPhone or broken it, we’re confident we can fix it, fix it fast and at a reasonable and competitive price point.

The way the front display of your iPhone has been manufactured, any small crack or blemish cannot be remedied individually and the entire front screen – LCD and glass overlay, needs to be replaced. The good news is this is a way easier, economically efficient and fast repair to preform – we can have you on your way within an hour in most cases and with a full warranty of course.


If your device isn’t lasting the day and it has you frustrated, there is NO need to upgrade to a newer, more expensive and relatively unnessecary device. The lithium-ion battery Apple uses while isn’t meant to be replaced by the average user, can definitely be done by our experienced technicians. If all you’re needing is a new battery, and your screen or volume/power buttons are functioning correctly, give us a call or come on into our shop – we can definitely get it done while you grab a coffee next door.

iPhone Water Damage Diagnosis and Repairs

Most repairs are relatively straightforward especially if it’s broken screens or other interior hardware components. However if you’ve hit the beach recently and splashed your phone with some sea water you’re looking at a more serious problem. The salt water can do permanent damage to your iPhone battery as well as the front LCD screen. From our experience if you turn your phone off, keep it off and bring it into us as soon as possible we can extensively clean out the inside of the phone and have a pretty good chance of restoring it to its former glory. The chances of restoration decreases heavily though if you turn it on and off! Short circuiting can ruin the logic board which is not a cost effective replacement – you might as well get a new phone if this is the case.

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